Global Prime Partners

Tailored solutions.

Prime Brokerage

In this day and age where most of the major prime brokerage providers are only dealing with funds that have hundreds of millions of dollars of assets under management, Global Prime provides smaller funds with access to some of those larger providers.

Through its unique set up, clients of Global Prime receive access to some of the world’s largest and most experienced clearing and settlement resources and the confidence in having their assets handled by these institutions, while receiving a very personalized and professional service.

Business Structure Diagram

Global Prime Partners Business Structure Diagram














Global Prime provides a range of options tailored to suit clients of different size and strategy, which are all integrated into our web based technology platform. We can support clients in a number of ways:

– We can provide our services via an omnibus account, but with all assets held by one of our custodians. The advantage of this to our client is more aggressive financing rates.
– We can also provide our services via a fully disclosed relationship with one of our custodians, which provides the safety of your assets being held directly in their name with the custody provider.

Trade Clearance, Settlement and Custody

Through our custom built technology platform, Global Prime can facilitate STP for both 'done with' and 'done away' trades.

We aim to automate the reporting process with you as much as possible by building customised data bridges with your execution platform provider(s).

Operational Trade Flow Diagram

Margin Lending

Through the strength of our end providers, Global Prime can facilitate margin financing on positions that are executed through our platform, or away from us, but cleared by us. Financing can be provided based on the total portfolio, as opposed to on a security by security basis.

Stock Lending

Our clients have access to large pools of securities through our innovative set up. The client base we cater to would normally have very little access to a full service stock lending product. Our clients have online access to these end providers or, if they have something more complicated, can call us up for us to provide market color or locate a position.

Integration with Fund Administration

We work closely with our clients' fund administrators to ensure a smooth transfer of all relevant data and reconciliation of that data when needed. We keep an open line of communication with the administrator to ensure that all parts of the relationship run efficiently.

Our technology team will guarantee that the specific data exchange requirements of your administrator are met.